May 22, 2008

All About me

Hello, How are you? 你好! Apa Khabar? Hola ! Bonjour !Hi ...My Name is May Y Chan.I created this blog in 2006, weeks before my boy turns 4 years old, like to start jotting down his growing milestone, and now he is 7 years old. Click here to see how he look that time..(age-4).This blog is meant for my boy to begin with, but now I will post more on my dear husband (who is complaining that he is not part of my blogspots more often), he is a men I married for more than 10 years, who is my great supporter, loving person and more important he is my Geak Squake (my IT guy). I'll also post more about my family and friends too.With my broken English, I shall write minimum, instead, I will post pictures that I've digitally touch up and digital scrapbook, of course, lots of my illustration will post here that speak for me.

Below illo were my post about my lovely boy who are so compassionate and sweet.. read more here...... A place where my ART speak my Heart!
More about me..

More about me

Who am I?
I am a wife to a Dear Husband, a mother to a challenging boy. I am also a good friend's to many good people. A cute :) and sentimental youngest sister to 3 sisters and 2 brothers. A sweet girl to my parent, (above picture is my dad, click here here to read more) but my mom pass away more than 2 decades ago.
The Below illo were my IF entry, click here to read more..

I am also a dear auntie to my nephews and nieces and many cousins...
Above illo is a scene is about my dearest oldest sister Ping who gave us a memorable First Christmas Celebration! Click here to read more..I (a Chinese Malaysian) was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia , om early 90's, I emigrated to Calgary, Alberta, Canada with few family members. Many years later, I met my husband, we got married, my life settle here where my heart is! Yet, I miss Malaysia so much! I miss specially my Oldest sister's and her family, my oldest Brother and his family, I miss my buddy...I miss the FOOD... but after many years living in Calgary, I've adapted here and now I am proud Canadian Chinese. I work full time as a Preflight Coordinator, and Graphic Artist.

I love to draw, I draw when I find time, or make time to draw, my boy is sweet who always think his mommy is the best artist..
We are bless to have this charming little boy come into our world.

I like to express sincere Thanks to my eldest sister's and second oldest sister too (check out more about them here)who always pamper me even I reach in 40th. They are so supportive of what I do, what I like, encourage me to chase my dream. They loves me, love my husband and spoil my son. I am bless that I am surrounded by unconditional LOVE. Thanks to my dear SISTERs..the above illo were my IF entry that I tribute to my Oldest sister's- Homage to her.. click here to read more

oh mine, I am in my 40!? So many things to do, and I started to forget where things are... or what to do next..
Everyday I am so occupied with daily routines, busy with work and family, I've eliminate my social life, I don't miss it much thought, maybe friend is busy with their own family as well.
As I grown Mature ( "old" I suppose) I lost a lots of energy and interests, perhaps it's an excuse of laziness or getting older.. HEy! I thought real life start at age of 40!
but I begin to suspect I have early Dementia !!! :p